Sunday, June 18, 2006

Something Different -- Jesus Pictures

I was searching for Donner's Pieta which is at the Gurk Cathedral and figures one of my novels when I came upon this wonderful compilation of New Testament art.

Even to an atheist like me, it's such a treasure trove, I had to share it.


Betty Cracker said...

Ever notice how in Last Supper scenes, there's almost always one apostle who is draped on a chair, supported by a pal or half-lying on the table? I'm sure he's supposed to be postrate with grief or something. But he always reminds me of a guest who has had too much vino. I imagine him lolling drunkenly in his seat, slurring something blasphemous like, "You want us to eat and drink WHAT?!?" in response to the first communion.

blogolodeon said...

Really! Actually, the concept of 'eating the god' to become more godlike was well-known at the time. The word "enthusiastic" has its source in this process.

Another thing I find interesting about Last Supper paintings is in some cultures there is always a beardless apostle but in some cultures all have beards.