Sunday, June 11, 2006


The Republican Party should be ashamed to show its face on the basis of its gross corruption alone, but the other, almost equally damning component of Republican Party rule has been its incompentence.

In these bleak years since 1994, I've assumed that the Democratic Party would at least have been able to get the work of governing done. I wonder now if I am wrong to assume this. This post from FireDogLake sent a little warning off in my brain:

On CA-50, Russert, quoting the Los Angeles Times, suggests the Bilbray victory shows Bush’s unpopularity alone won’t translate to Democratic gains in November. Kos points out that the Republicans threw $11 million into the race in a traditional Republican district, but also chastises the Dems for failing to follow the Republican lead and throw everything they had into the race.

If the Democratic Party can't get its act together to get all hands on deck for this one race which was not a primary, and was so crucial to a well-tempered zeitgeist, then why should I think they have any idea what they are doing at all?

Thank the gods for Kos and FiredDogLake and MyDD and all the others. The Democratic Party is like a sickly plant. Let's hope the watering of its netroots has not come too late.


Betty Cracker said...

It seems to me the immigration issue was the deciding factor. You can bet your boots Rove & Co. will flog that horse mercilessly in the coming months.

blogolodeon said...

Yes -- also, if you believe BradBlog, the voting machines might be a factor! Sheesh.