Friday, June 23, 2006

Muslim Terrorist, Christian Cultist -- Whatever

So the Seas of David, those pathetically unintelligent-appearing fellows picked up in last night's "Miami Terror Bust" are not Muslim terrorists after all. They are, according to CNN, "deeply devout followers of the bible." They practice a "biblically based Christian philosophy."

Now, who knows whether these guys were plotting evil? We've all learned, I think, not to believe anything we're told by the MSM in the rush to a good story. But man, I watched the sad, sad interview on MSNBC last night with one of the David dudes and, once again, I was just embarrassed for my country. This young man could hardly utter a complete sentence, and the words that did come out were ofen untintelligible. So naive, so earnest, so uneducated -- so pleased to be a member of something bigger and better than himself, he seemed.

When will we learn? I think of this thread at FireDogLake and the French Revolution. Madame Defarge came from somewhere. These "terrorists/truthseekers/lost souls" come from the same place: despair, sclerotic class boundaries, the knowledge of being not valued by your country.

And another thing, "seas" of David doesn't sound right. Seas? Where does that come from? "Branch Davidians" made sense. David being a branch of Jesse and related to messianic prophecies and all. Seas? And what is it about David that spawns all these sects, anyway? You could do a dissertation on it.

Starting to ramble. Will stop now.

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Quit Bloglin' Me said...

Maybe they mean "Seize of David". Or "Sees of David". Or "Seesaw David". Or...

Other Linda