Friday, June 30, 2006

Charlie Brown for Congress

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Last night I met Jan and Charlie Brown at a house party in Rocklin. (That's me on the right.) What great people.

But beyond being nice, patriotic, progressive Americans, the Brown campaign is for real. Last night, hearing Charlie talk and then answer questions, I changed. I changed from wishing he could win to believing he can win. He has a realistic plan to WIN, even in this district with greater Republican than Democratic registration.

Maybe it's the Air Force background and the discipline which comes from that. Maybe it's having such a supportive family. Maybe it's just who Charlie Brown is as a human being. Well, surely it's a combination of all these things that make it more than a wish that this guy can beat Doolittle. It's a real possibility.

I gave a little more $$ to the campaign last night, and I volunteered to help however else I can. Today is the cut-off day for reporting, so if anybody wants to give $5, $10, whatever -- every dollar is a dollar that says Goodbye John Doolittle -- please click here and go for it!


egregious said...

Thanks for the kind feedback. Happy to help :)

Betty Cracker said...

The Liberal Girl Next Door recently posted about supporting candidates who do not directly represent you if those who are running to represent you aren't worthy of your support. That's my dilemma, so I'm seriously considering contributing to campaigns outside of my district. Mr. Brown is on my list. Thanks!

blogolodeon said...

Betty -- That's great. John Doolittle has been my "representative" for a long time, and I have gotten much satisfaction in the past by giving to candidates from other areas of the country who hold my views. My feeling is, they could maybe mitigate some of the damage Doolittle does.

This cycle, I'm getting so excited. It is so very possible that the Republicans can be thrown out of power, so I'm giving to even more candidates. My small donations are nothing in the ocean of money needed. But mine and yours and the $$ of so many of us start to add up very quickly!

Libby said...

Linda, what a great post--and a great picture, too!

Anonymous said...

We're very fortunate that someone like Brown stepped up to take on Doolittle. He's been campaigning for a long time now. Hope he can keep the discipline and momentum up.

There's a good blog that tracks Doolittle at:

Dump Doolittle

Quit Bloglin' Me said...

Is that really you, little sparrow? So neat to see a picture!

Other Linda

ted crosfield said...

How appropriate that my first posting to a blog will be to a mywger called Linda. Either your friends are really tall or you are closer to the ground than I imagined you. You radiate good energy! Keep on shining!


blogolodeon said...

Hey Ted and Linda!!

Well, I am 5'2" -- pretty close to the ground. Thanks for the compliments -- and Ted, happy blogging and posting.