Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Look! Look! See Me, Mommy! Look!

I. Loathe. This. President.

And all who voted for him in 2004.

Why do they let him out? Especially early in the day before his mouth has warmed up? Watching Bush speak this morning, I'm not so much disgusted as mortified. This stupid, stupid person is our face to the world. Babbling, babbling. I always think of him as the Bill and Ted President, and today it just seems worse than usual.

He's like a toddler who's just done his doody: "I went to Iraq! Did you see me! I talked to the army guys! I told them they were good army guys! Did you see!!!


Betty Cracker said...

Unless I'm feeling particularly masochistic, I read transcripts of Bush's public utterings rather than listen to him and watching on video. The words on paper are cringe-inducing enough -- watching and listening are damn near unbearable.

The embarrassment is akin to the shame a teenager might feel upon being hauled out of the prom by a dorky parent -- "Dude, you're embarrassing me in front of Sri Lanka!"

Libby said...

Linda, this would be funny if it weren't sad...GWB as toddler just seems so right. You know he used to read The Very Hungry Caterpillar in any and all readaloud situations--including to middle schoolers, etc? The classic toddler book...and a classic for his own story as well (I overindulge and then I am great!). Sigh.