Sunday, August 20, 2006


DK subbing for Josh at TPM says:

Putting self above party at the expense of party should have consequences. But at what cost? I part ways with those wanting to enforce party discipline even as they admit it might cost Dems a Senate majority. As I have said before, a Democratic Senate with Lieberman in it far surpasses a GOP Senate without Lieberman.

First of all, no one admits it might cost Dems a Senate majority if they actually back the Democratic nominee instead of The Kissable Ego. This is just Washingtonspeak for "Eek! The peasants are voting the wrong way! Well, we will just let them see how far that gets them!"

But this last sentence is what is so stupid. A Democratic senate with Lieberman is not going to be a Democratic senate if Lieberman is the 51st "Democrat." Think about it.

Joe Lieberman has become last night's fish. He's stinking up the place, and he's got to go.

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Betty Cracker said...

Amen to that. Lieberman is a de facto Republican, so why the hell should we support him?