Thursday, August 10, 2006

Doolittle's Pathetic Tactics -- He Must Be Getting Nervous!

Read this letter and laugh! Dishonest John is coming out of the gate with phasers on kill. Is he afraid of something? Like a real challenge for the first time in his 26 years of "public service"?

Click for a sneak preview of Republican attack phrases that will come as no surprise. It's a wordfest of their generic blather:

liberal media -- eek!
most liberal opponent EVER!!
liberal agenda!
higher taxes!
amnesty for illegal aliens!
hater of the Boy Scouts and God!!!!
Impeachment of Bush!
Barbara Boxer!
Hillary Clinton!
HOWARD FUCKEN DEAN!!!! [okay, I added the middle word]
Nancy Pelosi!
culture of corruption smear campaign!
Washington leftists [sheesh, that's a new one]
my poor wife!!

So what are the comebacks to these stupid stock phrases?


Betty Cracker said...

There must be a Karl Rove-authored Hysterical Campaign Donation Solicitation Letter Template somewhere. I received a remarkably similar screed from Katherine Harris.

Personally, I don't bother with comebacks for that kind of silliness. I'm afraid anyone who would be taken in by it is too gullible to be convinced otherwise.

How's it looking for Mr. Brown? I wish him luck!

blogolodeon said...

Charlie Brown is doing great. I agree with the solicitation letter template idea!

Oklahoma kiddo said...

I didn't know you had a blog.

blogolodeon said...

Hi, there! Yep, this is my blog.