Sunday, August 06, 2006

People Are Sick of the Usual Suspects

From Bob Herbert's column in the NYTimes:

This was a war that never should have happened. There was a legitimate war for the United States to fight in Afghanistan, but that was not enough for the administration. The Bush gang wanted a war with Iraq, and less-than-courageous politicians like Mrs. Clinton and many others lined up as enablers to help make that war happen.

There is a lot of tea leaf reading going on over what a Ned Lamont win on Tuesday will mean big picture-wise. My reading is, it will mean the Merkun Peepul are done with enablers. For a few years now, my lament has been: The worst isn't that George W. Bush is so horrible. It's that people are letting him get away with it. Throwing sadsack Joe Liberman under the wheels on Tuesday will auger the beginning of the end of all that. It will mark the first day of the peasant revolt of 2006.

Have you had enough?

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