Friday, August 18, 2006

A Good Time to Donate a Little $$

Running my morning errands, I heard one of the new Charlie Brown radio ads! It was so much fun to hear an ad for a candidate I love against John Doolittle. I'm sure everyone knows by now that John Doolittle is a terrible representative. He voted against extension of the Voting Rights Act, crissake!

Today congress halved the money allotted to brain injury research for veterans! Does this seem possible in a sane world? Do you think Lt. Colonel Charles Brown, US Air Force, Retired would have voted for that?

Don't you want to remove John Doolittle from congress, a man who thinks profits are more important than sexual slavery and forced abortion?

You can do it. I know we are all bombarded by requests for money, and it's not going to go away in the next couple of months. And I'm asking you now for money for Charlie Brown so he can put as many of these ads on the radio as possible.

Here is why: CA-04 is a huge district northeast of Sacramento. People are in their cars for a long time every day. Radio is the best way to reach them. Doolittle has had a lock on the seat by virtue of the R that comes after his name, but the people of the CA-04 are not evil and they don't want evil done in their name.

They need to know they have a good -- in fact a wonderful -- alternative in Charlie Brown. Here is another ad, one I like very much, that the Brown campaign wants to run on the more conservative stations. Yes, the speaker is Max Cleland. Listen to Charlie's voice at the end -- I have met him, and he's just as nice and straightforward as his voice sounds.

Read this conversation held at firedoglake where Charlie and his wife Jan answered questions for two and a half hours.

And then click this link to give a little something -- as we all know, even $5 adds up -- to help the Brown campaign keep these ads on the air. I personally believe radio will be the key to reaching the voters of the CA-04. In this market, $500-$1000 buys a :60 AM Drive Time slot on our most popular local radio stations, and $250-$500 buys a PM Drive Time slot.

John Doolittle is an insider in the Republican slime machine, as dangerous and as damaging to us all as Tom DeLay was and the whole Newt Gingrich legacy continues to be.

Piss off the GOP -- give a little $$ to Charlie Brown.

UPDATE: See this story in the Sacramento Bee

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