Thursday, September 21, 2006

What A Great Guy!

How can you look at this guy and not be enthusiastic about his candidacy! CHARLIE BROWN FOR CONGRESS!


lotus said...

Linda, I'm delighted that you linked to your blog just now on FDL so I can FINALLY have a safe place to tell you about my (literal) standing up and cheering -- YESSSSS !!! -- when, reading along to catch up to a thread recently, I came upon your question to Kurt.

Remember that question? The one that began, "Stephanie? ... ?

Well, let me tell you, grrrl, said question was so NOTED AND APPROVED.

Also noted but ... ahem ... disapproved was that Kurt somehow unfortunately lost the power of speech just then and never did come up with an answer for you . . .



P.S. You won't be seeing me at the Lake anymore. I found out today, from Jane herself, that I've been banned "for repeatedly violating the rules of the site even after having been warned."

And, no, as a matter of fact, I don't have a clue what that means. Nor do I recommend that you ask her. Since day before yesterday, 95% of all mentions of "lotus" over there have either disappeared into moderation, never to emerge, or been retroactively scrubbed.

But good luck to you. I'm there enjoying your stuff all the time.

blogolodeon said...

Huh? I am stunned by this. I truly cannot imagine what you could have written that would offend.

Yes, I remember the Stephanie question. I didn't know if anyone noticed it or agreed/disagreed with me. But I HATE that crap. So thanks for letting me know.

I'm still unnerved by your being banned. It's so odd. It HAS to be a mistake.

lotus said...

Nope, definitely no mistake.

Drop me a ringy-dingy at lotuslander AT cfl DOT rr DOT com, and I'll tell you more.