Sunday, July 30, 2006

What Good is a Phone When the Matrix is Rigged?

Do you read articles on the web? Some people don't. Lots of people surf, skim the waves, look at the seafoam, and feel the ocean breezes blow between their legs and through their hair. It's fun.

Sometimes you want to know what lies beneath. Read this post by Matt Stoller to understand some things about telephones, and managers, and where you have to be at noon.

You are living a reality the powers that be left years ago. In the long run, it will destroy everything we ever thought The United States of America stood for.

And the difference between them and you,
And I'll argue you are wrong
Is they would read this entire post and then read it again.

And act on it like effective bullies.

I have decided that, from today forward, I will give no money to a campaign that hires any of these sellout corporate asskissers.

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