Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Doolittle Spending Priorities -- Trash the Other Guy

An article in today's Sacramento Bee says John Doolittle had to spend a million dollars to win his primary this year -- in a seat that has been one of the safest in the country for ages. While the article goes into the ongoing troubles of the scandaliferous Doolittle, one paragraph is interesting not for Doolittle muck but for Doolittle style.

A spokesman explains that the Doolittle campaign has spent that million bucks wisely and really on the general election:

"We have spent money all along to be successful in the general election, as well as the primary," Robinson said, citing as an example $5,438 paid to an Arizona company for opposition research on Brown, a retired Air Force officer and pilot.

We are not surprised when the Doolittle campaign brags about spending money to dig for dirt on its opponent. But it is truly creepy when you know the history of Charlie Brown, the retired Lt. Colonel running for the CA-04 seat.

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