Sunday, July 16, 2006

Ha! (Said with intonation like Diane Keaton in "Sleeper")

So the "centrist" Democrats are crying because their funding is going dry!

Democracy Alliance also has left some Washington political activists concerned about what they perceive as a distinctly liberal tilt to the group's funding decisions. Some activists said they worry that the alliance's new clout may lead to groups with a more centrist ideology becoming starved for resources.

[above-linked WaPo article]

For so long now, progressives have been expected to stay in line with our votes and our money and shut up. After all, where else were we going to go? Well, we've found places to go with our money as well as our mouths. The progressive canditates we've longed for are reporting for the long slog.

To the centrists, I say: When you stand for nothing, don't cry when you find out no one stands with you for long.


Betty Cracker said...

Amen to that. Long live the netroots!

blogolodeon said...

You bet, BC!!