Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The "Raising Taxes" Charge

Okay, here is what Democrats can say when Republicans accuse them of raising taxes (after the Republicans have lowered them inappropriately):

Let's say your little children were used to going to bed at 7:00 in the evening and for some crazy reason everybody got it in their head they should stay up later. So they start going to bed at 10:00 at night. Pretty soon everyone is crabby, the kids aren't learning anything at school, and no one has a moment's peace. So the grownups set the bedtime back at 7. Everybody starts getting enough sleep again, and things work a lot better.

Republicans and taxes are like children and bedtime. They want what's fun for them, not necessarily what's good for them -- and what's good for the whole family.

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The (liberal)Girl Next Door said...

Great analogy Blogolodeon! We are in serious need of some grown-ups in DC.