Monday, May 15, 2006

Illegal Immigration Solved

Everyone knows how to solve the problem of illegal immigration.

[Disclaimer: I speak of ILLEGAL aliens here, not legal immigrants, and certainly not my fellow citizens. It is the use of illegal workers that I object to. It drives down wages for everyone and allows for abusive, exploitative conditions for the illegal workers.]

1) Fine employers $10,000 per illegal worker hired plus four times the local minimum wage for each hour worked by illegal worker.

2. Fine landlords $10,000 for every housing unit they rent to an illegal alien.

Treat the exploiters of the workers like the despicable slavers they are. But of course, as long as these subhuman slavers are contributing to campaign coffers, it's unlikely anything will be done about it.

And Bush's speech tonight is mere diversion from the NSA bombshell.


Betty Cracker said...

If politicians were serious about stopping illegal immigration, that's exactly what they'd do. But they aren't serious about anything but demogoguery and money, so I don't expect much in the way of employer fines.

Anonymous said...

Our entire economy depends upon illegal immigration. Without a constant source of cheap labor, none of us could afford the The American dream of "upward mobility" would be exposed as the American pipe dream and no one in the working and lower classes would have any realistic opportunity for a "better life." Good, bad or indifferent, illegal immigration and the horrendous life conditions under which most illegal immigrants live provide the rest of us with benefits to which we have grown accustomed.