Thursday, May 25, 2006

Jackie Speier for Governor

Okay, she's running for Lt. Governor. But one can dream . . .

I had just about decided to vote for John Garamendi for Lt. Governor just to piss off the insurance companies who are trying to blackmail him.

But I've been a fan of Jackie Speier's for over 20 years, so I decided to look again at her campaign. I've never lived in her district -- in fact I live in the foothills and she's in the Bay Area. But I've always been a political junkie, and I used to notice her name attached to what I call "good government" bills and campaigns.

She writes legislation that makes regular people's lives better. She's written (and got passed) financial privacy laws as well as medical records privacy laws (including one great bill vetoed by Governor Arnold, gah).

Here is a link to a campaign ad narrated by Peter Coyote where you will learn (if you don't already know) about her horrific experience in Guyana.

These are, according to her campaign website, her Top Ten Legislative Accomplishments.

This story from the SF Gate in 2003 gives a lot of Speier's background and I think explains why she identifies with regular people and genuinely believes in good government.

I think John Garamendi is a good guy. The choice here is an oddity in elections: not between the lesser of two evils, but the greater of two goods.

I'm just a citizen, not connected with any group, but this is my endorsement. Blogolodeon will vote for Jackie Speier for Lt. Governor.

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Pat said...

Wow, good to know. Jackie seems like the real deal. Thanks.