Friday, October 02, 2009

Is President Obama Wearing Clothes?

Journalism committed in Britain.

Poor George W. He lost his mojo when he invade Iraq. Everybody knew the war was personal, based on lies and avarice.

W wanted the war so he could prove to Daddy (maybe to Mommy, too) that he was a man.

Cheney wanted the war so he could feed the Beast.

Still, it was an Emperor-has-no-clothes moment because everybody knew the above facts and nobody was willing to say so.

President Obama is in the midst of the clothes-or-no-clothes moment with health care.

Everybody knows the Senate Finance Committee is full of prostitutes.

Everybody knows that single-payer, Medicare for all, is the only just, efficient, beneficial way to provide health care to all citizens.

"Everybody" includes President Obama.

If a strong health care bill does not pass -- one that provides a way to break the hold insurance companies have on health care -- then Obama will have failed the clothes test.

He can say he's fixed health care all he wants. Everybody will know it isn't true. Everybody will know he isn't wearing clothes.

And they'll know it every day. The emperor has no clothes. Obama is all talk. His father's name wasn't Jor-El. And no, we can't.

(Breaking: Obama fails to bring the Olympics to Chicago.)

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