Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Eccentric vs Whacked Out

Now that she's no longer wanted in the world that made her a gazillionaire, she's ready for "public service."

I mean really. What further evidence do we need? America (insert air quotes) is so 19th Century.

Pay no attention to the fact Meg Whitman never gave a fkadoodle-do for government till she made her fortune (off the common people) and now she wants the power to keep that money from going to taxes (supporting the infrastructure that created all that wealth she then scooped up).

It's not just her. Arnold. Poizner. Issa -- there are tons of members of the I-got-mine/fk u crowd in there, making laws to cement their dynasties.

I don't fault these jokers for running. My contempt is for the people who vote for them.

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