Thursday, October 26, 2006

Playing Politics With Lives

Try not to be shocked:

Playing politics with our staffers' lives and security clearances is reckless and compromises the national security mission . . . .

It's time to acknowledge: There is no end, no limit, no place where the Republican Crime Machine is embarrassed to go if it will serve their hold on power.

Power for power's sake.

Don't buy in to the myth of American Virtue. Some so-called Americans are not inherently good. Some don't like the Constitution, don't believe in democracy, don't give a fig newton for equality of access, equality of opportunity (yikes, then they might have to actually work for a living).

They are bullies. They are aristocrats. They are a criminal machine who use power to get what they want because argument and fair play never lead to the things they want. For gawdsakes, middle America, wake the fck up!

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