Tuesday, October 17, 2006

No, Mr. Doolittle, it is not Outrageous

UPDATE: See the comments for more good info on this.

Kos posts about John Doolittle's support and enabling of a sexual predator -- not in far-away Northern Marianas, but right here in CA-04.

Doolittle has been whining about charges made by the Charlie Brown campaign (among others) that he enabled sex slavery and forced abortions in the Northern Marianas. He says it's outrageous to accuse him of this.

Well, excuse me, Congressman Doolittle, but it is not outrageous to suspect these charges might be true. Since you were willing to testify to the character of your friend who drugged women in his dentist chair and molested them, it's not so outrageous for a person to assume you don't find sexual battery that big a deal. At least, not when your friends do it.

We know through your "relationship" with Jack Abramoff, you considered the people in charge of the Northern Marianas sweatshops to be your friends.


boboze1989 said...

Doolittle debate montage:

The entire debate is up on YouTube

Nate said...

There we go...

How's it going all? I've been holed up in an office doing some work for a post for Crooks & Liars about Charlie tonight and I'm getting ready to do a newscast style video post giving my "report" from the campaign trail etc which will likely get some serious play.

Boboze... In case you didn't catch it, your newly edited Doolittle caught a tiny post today on Crooks & Liars Round Up section. It will be linked again on the main scene and possibly streamed as well on FDL soon. In the meantime, they're it will start getting viral fairly soon. Charlie's campaign site is also now linking to most of the newly released debate clips and they're starting to get a lot of web traffic. I'm going to try and get them hotlinked onto the front page as well.

I took the new Charlie tv ad and edited the back and front for raw use in a WMV file. It's uploaded to my youtube account as my newest video. Let me know if you want the raw WMV file. It's under 2mb.

Wanna send me some talking points for my video blog post. There are so many but throw me a few you think should be emphasized. I'm going to go after Doolittle's throat on it while appealing to conservative leaning, veteran type voters.

EthicsInCongress said...

Local Paper LTE in CA-04

(best comment in above link)

"They say that there are some people who will vote for the devil, himself, if he is labeled a Republican. This may be their opportunity. The rest of us, hopefully, will vote for true conservatives who have demonstrated integrity."

EthicsInCongress said...

The Silence of the CNMI Lambs. (these human tragedies have been funded, defended and supported for over 10 years by Rep John Doolittle)

EthicsInCongress said...

Breaking: Feds Net 125 Nationwide in Kiddie-Internet-Porn Case

Rep John Doolittle Votes AGAINST Funding to Fight Child Pornography