Saturday, October 16, 2004

Pre Magna Carta Thinking

There comes a time when the jaw has dropped so low there is nowhere further for it to go.

One of the latest Bushie -- I'm going to quit saying "Republican" now; this is beyond political party. This crowd in the WH has subverted and usurped the Republican party. These people are closer to neo-religio-corporate fascists than anything the traditional Grand Old Party would recognize.

One of the latest Bushie talk points is to accuse John Kerry of pre 9/11 thinking -- as if this is a bad thing! If we succomb to post 9/11 thinking, don't the terrorists win?

But read this NYT article (it's long, but we're Democrats; we are not reading wusses). The Bushies have perverted thinking itself. Thinking is no longer required; hell, to them it is suspect.

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