Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Makes You Want to Pull Their Ears and Send Them Into a Corner Till They Fully Comprehend the Entirety of Their Foolishness

(Except for Ginsberg, for Whom There is Not Even a Scintilla of Hope)

So I am watching my Daily Dose and Chris Matthews starts chortling with Ben Ginsberg over what a GAFFE! Teresa HeinzKerry made by suggesting that Laura Bush's life experience as the consort of the Bad Prince of the Bush Dynasty might be not as "big" as the experience of a woman who has also had a job in her adult life in addition to doing all the stay-at-home female-type crap.

Ooh-hoo! Did Teresa ever put her foot in it this time! Hee! Isn't it funny she dared say a woman with a job has more experience in life than a woman who has never had a job!!

Fuck them. Fuck them hard and with a splintery stick goddammit don't they know how hard it is for us women out here in the world with our jobs (without which we would be bag ladies).

Damn straight we women with jobs have a "bigger" experience than the Laura Bushes of this world and how dare Matthews and Ginsberg find it so cute and funny.

And fuck Andrea Mrs. Greenspan Mitchell for not putting them in their place.

Fuck them all.

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