Friday, November 11, 2005

Intelligent Design approach to bird flu

Could somebody tell our fearless leader we don't really have to spent all those billions fighting bird flu?

The way I understand it, scientists are saying bird flu is so virulent because it is a strain of flu that has evolved so recently human beings don't have any resistance to it yet.

But there is a significant percentage of the American People who don't believe in evolution. Therefore, they are probably not concerned about the effects of avian flu. Heck, they will probably spurn any newly developed vaccines against the disease, since taking them would put the lie to their stated rejection of evolution. We really only need enough vaccine for the people who accept the scientific theory of evolution. The ID people can use the same flu vaccines that have always been available. What a great opportunity for them to demonstrate their faith.


Wormwood's Doxy said...

Bwah!!! Excellent idea---I'll float this one at church.

Of course, we are hosting a year-long dialogue on "Faith and Science" and several of our most active members are scientists. I guess we'll all be safe....

blogolodeon said...

Can you see why I always got in trouble in my Texas Baptist church youth group? I asked the kind of questions that made everyone uneasy. Funny thing though, the youth leader loved the dialogue. It was my fellow teens who hated it.

I had forgotten all about those days till your comment. With a year-long dialogue on "Faith and Science," you must go to a vibrant and satisfying church!

expatmama said...

Ha! I heartily agree!