Thursday, July 07, 2005

President Baby

I blame the London blasts on George W. Bush.

President Clinton treated Al Qaida as a police matter, a position so glibly derided by the neocons and their sheep. We know of some of the successes Clinton had -- the millenium plot the most spectacular. And always against the ridicule of the whacked right, being accused of wagging the dog.

Bush came in with his arrogant, stone-walling, stubborn "my way" approach, took his eyes off Al Qaida in favor of his own preciouis prize: Saddam Hussein. He squandered our country's reputation, our fortune, our precious soldiers' lives to get Saddam Hussein and let Osama bin Laden go.

George W. Bush got what he wanted, the rest of the world be damned. You have to look no further than his life story to understand it was bound to happen. The man seems to be a sociopath. He most certainly is as dangerous, with the power of the US Presidency, as Al Qaida -- if you count lives lost as the result of one or the other's actions.

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