Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Ayatollahs, Enablers, and Goons -- Oh, My!

Watching the John Bolton nomination debate on C-SPAN 2, it struck me: The Republican Party's turn to the Dark Side is complete. Every Republican can now be sorted into one of three categories: ayatollah, enabler, or goon.

John Bolton, obviously, is a goon. Tom DeLay is a goon.

Frist is an ayatollah -- too much of a wimp to be considered a goon.

The enablers fall into two subgroups, benign enablers and malignant enablers. Olympia Snowe, who once I admired, is a benign enabler; Ann Coulter is of the malignant persuasion.

It could become a parlor game, sorting these sorry excuses for American citizens . . .

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