Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Arnold + steroids

I didn't vote for the govanata. I voted against the recall.

But when Arnold came into office, I gave him the benefit of his press and thought, okay, he is an athlete, he knows about goals and the steps to get from here to there, and discipline. I thought that would make him a decent leader.

But we know now that was all lies, image. He used steriods to get that body, those "accomplishments". Which is fine, I guess. But it shows a willingness to cheat, to take shortcuts.

And he is doing that now with this reapportionment scheme, designed to take power away from his political enemies and give it to his political friends -- the steroidization of the ballot:

Are you a Repulican who can't get elected in California? Don't worry. Governer Ahnold is going to pump (clap) you up.

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