Thursday, January 06, 2005

Boxer's Rebellion

Sorry for the bad pun.

I've been too depressed about the election to post in a while. But I want to record here some thoughts about today's events, I fear for future reference as things become even worse.

I have never been prouder to be a Californian. Barbara Boxer's act today, to join in with the House members in protest of the tainted Ohio electoral votes was not meaningless, despite
Tim Grieve's conclusions over at Salon.

The Democrats in Congress are, yes, powerless these days. Listen to the derision in the laughter of the "get over it" crowd.

Things are bleak, and the road ahead looks full of woe. The forces for virtue recede, and the righteous seem to have lost their way. Hope is alive only in those who rise to speak Truth to Power, the last, bright weapon Brain has against Brawn.

It is when the voices for the powerless are all, at last, silent that meaninglessness comes.

Brava, The Honorable Senator Barbara Boxer.

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