Saturday, November 06, 2004

The Illogical Logic of Nah-Nah-Nah

Of course, some people voted for Bush for rational reasons. Haliburton executives, lobbyists, people who don't want to lose their cushy jobs at the White House. But what about regular people, non-connected, not powerful people, people who aren't going to get anything but the shaft from this Administration?

Why did you do it? the whole rational world asks, not really expecting an answer. How can disaster answer peace? Does a swarm of pirhana explain itself to anything in its way?

So far, the take seems to be:

"We did it because we are sick and tired of being called stupid, of being laughed at by the Democrats and the elite media and having our faith belittled."

Well, let me say this about that 'faith': I fart in its general direction.

So many Democrats are heading for the covers, bleating "we must make nice with the Religious Right."


To someone who disagreed with Bush on Iraq, is terrified of what the deficit will do to interest rates, does not want our country addicted to oil and yet voted for Bush because he/she is tired of being called stupid -- do you think your vote will change that?

You only showed the world that you are powerful. You confirmed that you are stupid.

To be fair, you may only be duped. The end result of watching too much Fox television and listening to a cultish perversion of Christianity that leads down a dark and hateful road. You say you are the one with moral values, and again confirm you are either stupid or a dupe.

When the national treasure has been plundered, and countless more die in Iraq and GOD knows where else, when Social Security has been turned over to Morgan Stanley, when Labor is gone, and slave wages are the norm -- then will you stupid dupes, clinging to your SuperJesus, wake up?

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