Thursday, September 23, 2004

Greater Than Themselves Redux

The polls say, and I have heard actual people say, and I have said:

I am voting not for John Kerry but AGAINST George W. Bush and the whores he rode in on.

This is not about how (insert negative descriptor) Kerry is. It is about how truly gawdawful is this regime, not a presidency by any decent, American definition.

I happen to think John Kerry will be a very good president. He will reconnect us to the world community. He will restore teeth to the EPA, stop the looting of the national treasury. Those alone are worth the trip to the ballot box.

As good as John Kerry will be, George II is worse.

So when Republican talking heads do that gloat/snarl/ridicule thing they do and say "no one likes John Kerry. More Democrats say they are voting against George Bush than for their own candidate" the best answer is:

Exactly. That is how bad the Bush Administration is for this country.

And that is what Kerry/Edwards should campaign on. This is not the time to like John Kerry. This is the time to hate George Bush.

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